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Lip Lightening Kit For Women

Lip Lightening Kit For Women

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Discover the transformative power of our new 2023 Lip Lightening Balm —a self-foaming lip care mask designed to tackle all your lip woes. Experience up to 98% increased moisturization in just 3 seconds, unlocking your "Water Glow Plump Lips."

Four-in-One Powerhouse

Achieve Cleansing, Moisturizing, Brightening, and Anti-Wrinkle benefits, all in one handy product.

Quality Ingredients:

  • 8% Papain: Enzyme for gentle exfoliation
  • 5% Panthepol: Deep moisturization
  • 3% Papain: Additional enzymatic exfoliation
  • Seaweed: Natural hydration and nourishment
  • Vitamin B5: Skin-soothing and hydrating

Why You'll Love It

Deeply Cleanse: Formulated with natural ingredients like complex Vitamin B5 and Papain to deeply cleanse your lip skin. Effective against common lip problems like dry lips, cheilitis, dark pigmentation, and prominent lip lines.

Unburden Your Lips: Our coconut-derived natural cleansing agents ensure that your lip skin remains unburdened and refreshed.

Before and After Transformation:

  • Dryness: Say goodbye to dry, bleeding lips. Welcome moisturized, plump lips.

  • Residue: No more lingering lipstick or makeup residue. Enjoy cleaner lips with 99% increased cleanliness.

  • Visible Lip Lines: Minimize those age-revealing lines to get softer, more youthful-looking lips.

  • Dull Color: Revamp your dull, dark lip color into a more alluring, pinkish hue.


  1. Apply the lip mask generously onto your lips.
  2. Let the self-foaming action do its magic.
  3. Wipe or rinse off.

Pro Tip: Apply your favorite lipstick after using the lip mask for an even more beautiful lip color.

Specs: 3 year shelf life, 8g, Vacuum bubble dispenser. 

Get Ready for the Best Lips of Your Life

Why settle for less? Revitalize your lips now for that irresistibly soft, smooth, and youthful look.

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