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Mini Conduction Speaker - Turn any surface into a speaker

Mini Conduction Speaker - Turn any surface into a speaker

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Turns Anything to Speaker: Mini Wireless Conduction Speaker for the Trendy Woman

Redefining Sound for the Modern Woman:

For the young woman who's always on the go, but never without her tunes—meet the portable mini speaker that transcends traditional sound boundaries. With its cutting-edge bone conduction and moving coil acoustic technology, it's not just a speaker; it's an experience.

Your Sound, Your Way:

Place it on a glass table, a wooden desk, or even your kitchen counter. The speaker takes the essence of any surface and turns it into your own personalized soundstage. It's not just about listening to music; it's about feeling the textures of sound in the spaces you inhabit. Perfect for the young woman looking to elevate her everyday experiences.


  • Technology: Bone conduction and moving coil acoustic

  • Bluetooth 5.0 & True Wireless Stereo: Say goodbye to tangled wires. Stream your music seamlessly and experience high-quality sound.

  • Fast Charging with Type C: Keep the music playing without worrying about battery life. Fast charging ensures you're never without your tunes.

  • Aviation Aluminum Alloy: A sleek, premium build ensures durability, all while looking incredibly chic.

  • Waterproof: Be it a pool party or an unexpected downpour, your speaker is built to withstand the elements.

Turn the World Into Your Playlist:

Imagine lounging at a rooftop café, the city skyline in view, and your conduction speaker transforming the ambiance with its unique sounds. Whether you're a young professional making her mark or a student navigating the labyrinth of life, this speaker brings a touch of magic to your daily grind.

Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Chic:

Compact and lightweight, the speaker easily slips into your purse or backpack. The aviation aluminum alloy offers a sleek design, reflecting your style: modern, chic, and endlessly cool.

The Perfect Gift for the Trendsetter:

Know a young woman who's a trendsetter? The speaker makes for the perfect gift. It's not just another gadget; it's a lifestyle statement.



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